Monday, December 19, 2016

Pale Moon redirect

From a Pale Moon-using Infogalaxian.

I'm on Vista using Pale Moon, this is how I did the Infogalactic redirect:

Install Redirector 2.9.3 (older version)

After installation, set it up this way:
  1. Example URL:*
  2. Include Pattern:*
  3. Redirect To:$1
  4. Pattern Type: select wildcard 
  5. Check the enable box 
  6. Test button will say SUCCESS 
  7. Save button gets it done 
Any link to Wikipedia now brings up the Infogalactic page instead!


  1. The same can be done for Chrome. (I know...)

    There are several redirect extension available.
    The first one I tried works with*) redirected to$1

  2. InfoGalaxian, many thanks. My OS is Win7. and it worked fine.

    If anyone suffers, like me, from the syndrome known as New Technology Baffles Weary Old Man, I can assure you the fix is a cinch.

    I know not whether a Description is actually needed, but I entered "Redirect to Infogalactic", just to be sure.