Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chrome extension

This extension replaces Wikipedia links with Infogalactic links for Chrome users. Download it here.

UPDATE: the link has been changed to the updated version. If you installed the earlier version, please replace it with the new-and-improved Infosextant. There is now also a Firefox extension.


  1. I downloaded and installed it.

    It has a problem with foreign language wikipedia, specifically the German one. Google "Wutbürger" and click on the wikipedia link to reproduce.

    I assume that's because Infogalactic is English only, but the add-in does a straight substitution, looking for the German version of Infogalactic.

    Minor nit, since I only use the foreign versions via Google translate when the articles don't exist in the English version.

  2. Hi lpdbw,

    Thanks for the feedback. I wrote the Chrome extension and you're right, it doesn't handle foreign languages because Infogalactic is English only.

    The latest update of the extension will ignore any wikipedia pages from foreign language subdomains.

    It will send you to Infogalactic if you click through a link to, but if the link is toürger then you will go to the German wikipedia page as usual.

  3. Thanks for your rapid attention to this admittedly minor issue!