Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Roadmap 2.0

On Monday night, the Techstars held a meeting, and after a series of intense discussions, it was decided to radically modify our development schedule. Instead of utilizing the existing MediaWiki engine to incorporate the new features we are planning, both the Techstars and the Star Council agreed that Infogalactic will be better served by replacing the MediaWiki engine with a superior engine of our own device, codename DONTPANIC.

We also decided to add additional levels of administration and editing in order to better maintain cohesion in content modification until the preference filters are operational and render content management unnecessary. There will be three levels of Galaxians, create page only, create and add content only, and create, add, and remove content. This will permit the Starlords to more easily contain and constrain the behavior of any editors whose behavior is not in line with the Seven Canons or the objectives of the Star Council.


Phase One

Image load speed improvement
Search time speed improvement
Integration with Brave browser
Operational ad server
Additional administration and editing levels

Phase Two
Dynamic page updates
Improved Database categories
Relativity, Reliability, and Notability 1.0 algorithms

Phase Three
Tri-level page content: Fact, Context, Opinion
Verified autobiography sub-pages
Preference filtering
Initial gamification and status bling operational
Safe Mode
Gab integration
User Interface 2.0 Beta
Gamification and status bling complete


  1. Looks very promising. Most times it is less work in the end to create a new platform from scratch then to modify the structure of an outdated or badly built one. So far I'm very happy with Intergalactic's performance and what has been accomplished. It happened a lot faster than i expected.

  2. How long do you estimate the DONTPANIC engine will take to write? Even if it's a completely wrong estimate, it'd be interesting to know just how much work you think it will take.

    Oh, and would that mean a new engine could support a new wiki editing syntax, like commonmark for example?

  3. We estimate 9 months until the inital beta implementation. And yes, DONTPANIC will support new editing syntaxes.