Monday, October 24, 2016

Infosextant: the browser extension

Thanks to Blake Roussel, you can now make sure that you're always using Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia, no matter what links Google feeds you.

INFOSEXTANT is the browser extension to automatically change Wikipedia links to Infogalactic.



Opera version coming soon. Brave integration coming soon. Please note that the Chrome extension is an updated version and is an improvement on the previous one.

With regards to Safari, that should be doable but we need a Macintosh programmer to do it. Any takers? Blake explains:
Safari does have extensions on OS X (not iOS), but they work on a different system than the other browsers and I don't have a Mac to do the development/testing with. The scripting for this was pretty simple and I believe the same javascript could be used for a Safari extension. If you can find a volunteer with a Mac and a bit of technical aptitude it shouldn't be hard for them to get it up and running. The basics they would need to get started are available here.


  1. No Mac programming here, but I'd love to make a Microsoft Edge extension.

  2. I ported the chrome extension to safari for my personal use. I can look into submitting it to the safari extension gallery.

  3. VFM #424 here-- I have been a big fan of Opera for years. I have never figured out why it is not more popular.

  4. This seems like it would do the trick with a little work.

  5. Verified this extension from github will work on Mac:

    Use this string as source:

    And this as destination:

    In the settings once its installed.

  6. I've also looked at urlrewrite-safari ad adapted it for this purpose (adaptation users no user settings). If Jack's plugin works, then great. If there is a problem with it, let me know and I'll polish up what I have and submit it.

    1. It looks like apple removed their free safari developer program, so I am unable to release it. I put what I ported over from chrome on github, if anyone has a developer account feel free to release it. It is fully working with icons, but it needs the developer cert to be placed in the directory.

  7. I've signed the Safari plugin so others can use it without building it themselves. It's available at

    If I don't hear about any problems, I'll submit it to the Safari Extensions Gallery.

  8. just a heads up, the chrome version works perfectly with the Vivaldi browser (Vivaldi is the direct spiritual successor to the original Opera Browser - HIGHLY recommended!)

  9. I wasn't able to get that plugin working on Pale Moon, so I learned how to create a Greasemonkey script:

    window.location = window.location.href.replace( "", "" );

  10. Apparently, the latest version of Pale Moon for LINUX does not support Greasemonkey, so no joy here.