Saturday, October 15, 2016

Help required to refurbish the Help:Content pages

There is currently a large amount of help information within Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, but it suffers from a few problems:
  1. There are many references within the material to Wikipedia,
  2. There are many links back to Wikipedia,
  3. The views expressed in some of them diverge from the Infogalactic Seven Canons.
There are also many subsidiary articles within the Help:Contents articles, so it is not just a matter of changing one article. They all have to be checked.

I want to get these cleaned up, but I need help and am calling for volunteers to help go through this material.

There are a few styles of edits required:
  1. Simply taking one of the articles and converting all appropriate references to Wikipedia to Infogalactic. That should be pretty mechanical.
  2. Changing links to refer to Infogalactic.
  3. Creating a list of pages that don't yet exist within that set of articles.
If you can help, please email so I can farm out articles for people to work on, We don't want multiple people working on the same article.

Once we have this all cleaned up we can link to it generally and let new editors know to refer to it.


  1. I want to help, I have requested an account today.

  2. does s/www.wikipedia/www.infogalactic/g not work?